LLI University Pathway Program

LLI University Pathway Program

London Language Institute is proud to offer a University Pathway Program for students seeking entrance into high school, college and university. LLI had developed a curriculum that prepares students for academic courses taught in English and has relationships with local high schools, colleges and universities across Canada and into the United States.

General admission requirements for university entrance:

Entrance to university can vary with minimum requirements typically asking for a 75% average in the last year of high school.  This minimum will not meet requirements for all universities and programs.  Some of our university partners may require minimum GPA's  over 88%. Admission to university is not solely based on GPA scores but also includes an assessment of the courses that were taken in the last year of high school.  Some Majors require specific prerequisite courses.

Please contact our office for specific information on GPA requirements or prerequisites.  We also invite you to complete the university pathway screening link and we can immediately assess your admissibility to a desired program.

Pathway Brochure 2017
University Pathway London Affiliates

Huron at Western


King's University College

Brescia University College

Trent University

Acadia University

Algoma University

Wilfrid Laurier University

Canisius College

Students who academically qualify will be able to receive conditional letters of acceptance based on their successful completion of our program (graduate level programs are limited). The Academic Preparation Program at LLI includes CAEL, TOEFL and IELTS training and testing along with Canadian cultural classes, math upgrading (if neccessary), and specific skills required for success.

US partners can issue both undergraduate and graduate level conditional offers of acceptance

LLI is an official CAEL and iBT TOEFL testing centre.

The pathways

Tuition Fees for Pathway Students:

Pathway classes (AP): $1060.00/month
Pathway Classes: $400.00/month plus text book

Total 4-week Pathway tuition: $1460.00/month (includes 31-33 hours per week of in class instruction) ***16 weeks in total- pathway classes are taken once a student enters the Academic Preparation Program
Includes text book fees *** 2017 Pricing 

Student schedules will change from level to level.


Curriculum Schedule ESL and Academic Preparation Schedule for Pathway Students**

Time 9:00-12:00 1:00-3:00 3:00-6:00
Monday Reading Comprehension
Current Events in the News
Journal Writing
LUNCH This week's Spelling and
Vocabulary Words
(3:15 to 4:15)
Canadian Cultural Classes
Tuesday Grammar Reading Comprehension Test Preparation
Wednesday Speaking and Listening Practice Grammar/Writing Practice (3:15 to 4:15)
Book Club and Mathematics Class
Thursday Grammar Speaking/Listening
Prepared Speeches
Test Preparation
Friday Speaking/Listening/Reading
(once per month)


Core ESL Curriculum Additional courses for
Pathway Curriculum

Please contact our office for more information.


LLI has developed a free screening link whereby students may submit their application for review.  LLI will screen candidates for admissibility to college and university programs.  Qualified students will attain a conditional offer of acceptance from the university.


Click here for Pathway Screening Application