Language Program Management

The ACE Certificate in Language Program Management is designed for language professionals who are currently responsible for running a language program or who are looking to move into a management role in the future. While based solidly on theory, the course focuses on the practical applications of current management concepts, techniques and strategies.

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Why Choose The ACE Certificate in Language Program Management?
90 hours of instruction
Based on current theories and practices in management
Tailored specifically to the language education sector
Practical, current and relevant
Develop confidence in yourself as a manager
Make yourself marketable as a language program manager

Admission Requirements
The prerequisite for The ACE Certificate in Language Program Management is a strong interest in learning about current management techniques and concepts as applied to running a language program. Current employment as a language program manager is beneficial but not required. Qualifications for language teaching to either adults or children (English, French, Spanish, other languages) are also beneficial.

Course Content
The course is divided into six main sections:

  • Introduction
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Language Program Operations

Each of the modules in the ACE Certificate in Language Program Management is comprised of Lecture Notes and Task Journals. The Lecture Notes provide information on a particular topic. Participants then complete specific tasks related to the topic in order to process and personalize the information presented. Participants submit the Task Journals to their instructor on an ongoing basis throughout the course for feedback and assessment. The final grade is derived from the Task Journal marks and from a Personal Management Skill Development Plan that participants also complete as they work through the course.

Where to Register
Courses are offered three times per year:
September 15 to December 15
January 15 to April 15
May 15 to August 15

Price: $1275.00

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