I studied in London Language Institute for six months learning ESL courses and ILC courses. London Language Institute is the best environment to learn the authentic language. I spent two months to learn English and four months to learn six high school Grade 12 courses. It helps me so much to go to university. Teachers and classmates are kind and friendly. I really enjoy my experience here. Welcome to London Language Institute.

我在London Language Institute学习了六个月的ESL课程和ILC课程。London Language Institute提供了能学习到地道的英语的最好的环境。我用了两个月学习语言以及四个月学习了六门十二年级高中课程。这些为我进入大学提供了很多的帮助。老师们和同学们都很善良友好。我非常喜欢在这里的学习经历。欢迎来到London Language Institute。

Zihan Hong(Belladonna),China,